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          US 00 - UK 2 EU 30 - Usual size 23- Choose 24 or 25  
 US 0 - UK 4 - EU 32 - Usual size 24- Choose 26 
 US 2 - UK 6 - EU 34 - Usual size 25- Choose 27
  US 4 - UK 8 - EU 36 - Usual size 26- Choose 28 
      US 6 UK 10 - EU 38 - Usual size 27/28- Choose 29 
                 US 8 - UK 12 - EU 40 - Usual size 28/29 -Choose 30 or 31 
                   US 10 -UK 14 - EU 42 - Usual Size 29/30 - Choose 31 or 32 
                   US 12 - UK 16 - EU 44 - Usual Size 30/31 -Choose 32 or 33 
                 US 14 - UK 18 - EU 46 - Usual size 31/32 -Choose 33 or 34

(If you are in between sizes, choose the larger size. Example: If you wear an 8 but sometimes 10, choose 31. If you are much bigger at rear, thighs, or hips you would choose 32).

We want to ensure you receive the best vintage fit. The reason it can be hard to find the perfect vintage fit, is because you may be used to the modern sizes listed on newer jeans. This is something called 'vanity sizing', where the tag on your modern jeans usually runs a couple sizes smaller than your true waist size (Example: If your modern jeans read 27, your approximate waist would be close to or at 29). Vintage jeans (mainly LEVIS) were created and labeled by the buyers actual waist size measurement. They  were also designed from shrink to fit denim material, which means they conform to your body over time, and shrink depending on the previous owners lifestyle (how many washes, etc..) . 

Toss the modern sizing you're used to out the window! That is not what you are in vintage sizing! Also toss what you read on the label of a pair of vintage Levis, we do not list the number on the back of the label. What we do is measure the jeans as accurately as possible across the waist to achieve the suggested personal waist size (the number you choose at the drop down menu). We know you've heard that vintage runs smaller, so we don't want to leave the guess work to you. The perfect vintage denim pair is the best investment you can make. Keep in mind that vintage denim was made to take the form and lifestyle of the owner. When you receive your vintage jeans you will have to do the work of fitting them in, because you are now the new owner. Use the contact form to contact us personally, if you are in any way confused about sizing, and we will personally set up a consultation to achieve your best denim dream. If you are confident head to our size chart above for suggestions on the waist size you need to select at checkout. 

Example on size chart, if you usually wear a size 8 US 28/29 (modern) your waist will average around 30-30.5" and you will want to choose our jeans in a size 30

It is okay to have to squeeze into your jeans, vintage jeans will feel stiff to a new owner, but will eventually take shape and have the ability to mold overtime. I always say for the perfect vintage fit, it should not feel too hard or to easy to slip your jeans on. See the chart above for an easy guide. Remember to take this inconsideration with your height. If you're taller, you may want a high inseam number, For example if you're 5'8 and would like the pants not to be too short, then look for an inseam at least 30" long. The inseam lets you know where the pants will hit. To achieve this measurement, do it with a pair of jeans you may already have and compare. 

Vintage denim rules for consideration:

1. Do NOT select your normal modern jean size. They almost always run 2 sizes bigger. 
2. We always list vintage jeans by your approximate true waist size (around waist).
3. Remember vintage jeans do not have stretch (modern jeans usually have stretch).
4. Vintage jeans are made to mold and form into the shape of the new owner over time, it's okay to have to squeeze into them to break in. The denim is designed in this way.
5. Do not worry about sizing up because you may have heard vintage runs smaller, we're doing the leg work and listing the actual waist size after. Use the chart above.

Your "WAIST" measurement is what you would normally choose at the drop down. 


Our suggested size chart, you may size up or down to your preference on how you prefer your vintage jeans to fit:


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