Sonya Esman: How the Russian Born Model And Blogger Sees The World And Her Advice To You

Sonya Esman: How the Russian Born Model And Blogger Sees The World And Her Advice To You
How and why did you start your Vlogging/blogging journey?
My dream when I was a kid was to be an actress. I recorded "TV shows" and skits using computer webcams with my friends when I was 12, and edited them together to share on facebook. Then when Youtube started, I was frequently watching beauty gurus and wanted to do something of that nature, except about acting- so I made a channel about how to become an actor. I made vlogs about my experience with agencies, classes, exercises, and such. Most of the videos are still up there. It's kind of funny looking back at it now- because I was 14 and giving people advice about how to be a Disney channel star haha. When I was 17 or so, on a whim, I found Russian Youtube, which struck some kind of emotion in me because I left Russia when I was 5, but still felt a connection to the culture. I opened a Russian Youtube channel about style, traveling, beauty, life, and that channel really took off and 6 or so years later, I'm here :) 
I guess the moral of the story is- you never know what random business project of yours is going to be the one to change your life. 
What advice would you give to millions of girls who want to go down the same path of creating a successful blog? 
There's so many things. I think there's a lot of blogs already out there, so you really have to find your niche. You have to build what sets you apart from others, or already be aware of it. Be honest. Be open. Be vulnerable. Work hard on editing your videos or content. Reach out to people, brands, and be organized about your plans and goals. Post frequently. People will forget about you, and it's a job like any other. I wake up at 5am every day and don't "get off work" until I fall asleep. 
When it comes to fashion, how do you maintain your genuine style and use it for expression? Any advice on how other girls can do the same?
Absolutely no rhyme or reason to genuine style. It comes from a feeling. I don't think anyone can give advice for style, because as much as you can get inspired by images on tumblr (which I do), it all comes down to looking in the mirror and feeling like your outfit is a reflection of your soul. Sometimes that means you're in all black- and that in itself already gives off an idea of what the person is like on the inside, their thoughts and what inspires them. For example, I was in Paris a few years ago and I walked into the Saint Laurent store and found these brogues and for some reason was extremely drawn to them. Ever since- I've bought maybe 5 more pairs of brogues because when I wear them (and believe me, I wear them with everything, even sweatpants), I feel like ME. It's okay to be an outfit repeater. Find what you love & own it. There's nothing cooler than unapologetic confidence. 

Current: Oldest and favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe? // Go to outfit or staple in your wardrobe?
My logic mind almost wants to say something like "my red carpet dresses which I will never wear again but will pass onto my children"- but honestly, my favorite items of clothing are my sweatshirts. I have a drawers full of vintage pullovers . I have one, which I bought from a vintage boutique in NYC and it says Princeton on it, and I swear it is my safety blanket.
I put it on, and I feel at peace. I literally blast my AC in the summer just so I can continue to wear my sweatshirts. 
My go to outfit currently is checkered pants, a t-shirt, vintage men's blazer, and patent dr martens brogues. 

Favorite time period and why?
As a 90's baby I am loyal to my decade. The 90's were the coolest because nobody looked like they were trying, everything was oversized and comfortable, but so damn cool. People looked like they were too busy living a rad life to spend three hours in hair and makeup. 

What fashion icon/s did or do you admire and why?
I certainly don't think I have a fashion icon- I'm honestly very inspired by our generation's ability to mix vintage with modern. I will say though, South Korean fashion is my favorite. I love anything vintage, boy-ish, oversized, but still very refined and feminine.

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