SINGULIER: Picks from the Canadian vintage label + Our Conversation with Co-founder Elif Filyos

SINGULIER: Picks from the Canadian vintage label + Our Conversation with Co-founder Elif Filyos

As the concerns over the impact of fast fashion plague the psyche of many, we've recently decided to help you find favorite progressive vintage labels that are both attainable and affordable, (for mind and wardrobe). If you are hopeless and in the midst of calling it quits on the "same old" retail game, keep reading. I know that it's truly difficult to discover vintage labels to shop online, so I filtered through the noise and caught up with one of our favorites at Bingeonvintage: Singulier. The Canadian label features 1 of 1 to die for vintage, and they ship WORLDWIDE. Check out my favorite picks below from the site and get to know Co-founder Elif Filyos in our recent interview with her:



 VINTAGE GOLD PVC PANTS (L) $80  These paired for the holidays and every other day. Pair with an ankle style boot for everyday on the go. Click image to snag. Off

  Vintage Light Brown Oversized Pant Suit $135 You can never go wrong in an oversized suit. It instantly transforms you into a power. Responsible power. Click image to snag. Off


 VINTAGE CYNTHIA ROWLEY FLOWER EMBROIDERED SKIRT (XS)  $55  All the reasons to love this chic midi vintage skirt. Pair with your a favorite vintage black sweatshirt for day to day runs. We love pieces that are easy to transition. Click image to snag.

When did you decide to launch Singulier? Launching a vintage shop has always been a dream of mine, probably since I was 17 years old and discovered eBay. I love finding vintage pieces so much that it came to a point where I couldn’t keep all of them anymore! I wanted to share the love with other people. Then two years ago I was visiting vintage markets with my close friend Ada and as we were talking about it she said she would be interested in being a part of it so we decided to go for it together.

 What are your favorite pieces on your site? Oh it’s so hard to pick, usually the quirkiest or the most unique things that I want to keep to myself but cave at the end and put on the website. Also I love collecting beautiful night dresses, I’m hoping to have a bigger party collection and to add a bridal collection soon.

 Describe your style? Definitely comfortable, a bit masculine and minimal with edgy details.

 Choose 3 of your favorite vintage pieces from your current collection?

 What advice can you give to encourage more people to choose eco/vintage labels vs. mass produced fashion labels? Vintage is the BEST way to be sustainable, even better than eco friendly labels, because it’s already out there. Your carbon print on the world will be as minimal as possible in terms of your fashion choices. Also most of the time it’s budget friendly, whatever it is you’re looking for, vintage is most of the time cheaper – especially for designer vintage. Not everyone can afford high luxury labels but anyone can afford really good vintage pieces. Last but not least, whatever you have you will be the only one who has that piece in the world. Isn’t that extremely special?

 Who is the Singulier girl? Who was Singulier made for? I guess I’m just picking out pieces that I would like to wear or would love someone much cooler than me to wear. We are trying to find pieces that you can’t find at just any other thrift store, there isn’t anything at the shop that would make you go “oh that’s a boring piece” or “oh that’s a weird selection”. One girl can wear everything at the shop and any girl can wear one thing from the shop. I think anyone who enjoys fashion would be able to find something at Singulier.

What is the "language" of Singulier? It’s modern and it’s eclectic.

 Where can we sign up to receive updates on 1 of 1s? There is a sign up box at the website, we also offer 10% off on your first purchase when you subscribe – also immediate emails about new arrivals and sales.

 Your favorite day to day "look"? Depends on the “day” but usually a comfy midi dress with flat boots or a nice fitting pair of black jeans, a simple white tee and a nice cashmere sweater. I try to keep my look minimal and wear a fancy coat or wear a very muted look with a crazy skirt etc.

 What is the meaning behind the labels name, Singulier? Can you share? Actually my partner Ada came up with the name, we decided to have a French name since we are based in Quebec but we also wanted it to be meaningful; Singulier means singular, single, unique – which is everything we sell at the shop.


Founder of Singulier, Elif.

Co-Founders of Singulier (Left: Elif and Right: Ada Cakar)




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