Q+A @Rainsford

Q+A @Rainsford
1. Are you typically behind the creative process of the styling for your videos? 
Yes, I’ve styled all my videos myself.
2. I sense a bit of an 80's / 90's aesthetic going on in your music and videos. Is that something you envision before recording a single?
 I don’t really think about clothes when I’m writing/recording tbh. But 80s/90s sound and style is something I’ve always been drawn to and inspired by. 
3. What advise would you give to girls out there wanting to make it in the music industry?
My advice would be to create what you really love and try not to let what’s popular at this moment sway your process.
4. What memorable moments have you had while working on Rainsford?
Everytime I have a good session it’s a memorable moment. Having my songs on playlists. I really love on Spotify like “new music Friday” and “chill vibes” is always really exciting for me. And seeing people sing along at shows feels really surprising and rewarding.
5. Have you always thought you would call L.A. home? 
I’ve never stayed in one place too long. But I do love LA. I don’t see myself leaving any time soon.
6. Describe your signature style in 3 words? 
Vintage goth fairy 
7. Take us to your closet- What are some main staples you can't live without?
My go to outfit recently has been new rock black platform shoes, either a black skirt or black silk pants, vintage t, and a cozy jacket.
8. What’s next up for Rainsford? 
I have an EP coming out April 27th!

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