Gia Mantegna: A Glimpse at The Daughter of Joe Mantegna, And Her Perspective On Fame

Gia Mantegna: A Glimpse at The Daughter of Joe Mantegna, And Her Perspective On Fame

Outfit of the day: Down to earth and charming. The 2 standard qualities that we believe play a HUGE factor into winning style (and yes, more than your Bingeonvintage jeans). AND THAT'S what attracted us into starting a conversation with 29 year old actress, and muse Gia Mantegna, of LA. Through our conversation, Mantegna inspires us to hold ourselves in a manner that's transparent and true. Get to know GIA by reading our full interview below on her perspectives, regarding fame, fashion, and life. It most likely will answer a few things you've pondered about in the past, along with shaping the way you carry yourself (Which we all know is the essence to portraying your best, no matter what you have on). 

Take us back to your childhood, where did you grow up?
Born in New York, raised in The Valley of LA. I grew up in a family of artists and like-minded people. We traveled, we played, we sang. Food and family came first. It was a happy childhood even though it took my parents 11 years to finally get a dog. I also didn’t move out until I was 24. Judge me.

You have a humble and charismatic personality, even with the attention you’ve received on the screen, what do you attribute that to?
My family. My support system.  My sister Mia who has autism. She doesn’t judge people and has been unapologetically herself since day one.  Seeing the world alongside her taught me early on being yourself is the most logical way to approach things. There was no room for bullshit. 

Do you think a lot of people change once they are in the limelight, and have you personally seen that change?
Sure. Those are usually the people that have a weaker sense of self and find comfort in conforming and leaning into the ridiculousness. Maybe adopting that lifestyle gives them their own sense of self. I can’t relate. We aren’t the stereotypical “Hollywood” family. My parents grew up poor and still use coupons. They don’t go places to be seen. They’re there because they heard the food is good. That’s just how we operate. 

When did your passion for acting develop? Was there anything in particular that played a role?
I grew up with circus people. Big personalities, artists, free spirits. It’s all I knew and wasn’t really equipped to do anything else. The same way parents are doctors, and their children are exposed to the family practice eventually taking it over one day, I felt comfortable telling stories, playing different characters, and being a performer.

What are some of the favorite roles you’ve played as. Favorite shows you’ve played on screen?
Devin Levin on “The Middle” was a fun role for so many reasons. She showed me how to be comfortable being “funny”. I took myself too seriously, so stepping on that set having to embrace my inner goofball set me free. I was unleashed. After that gig I did a show for CW’s digital platform called “Life After First Failure”. I met my best friend Brianne Tju, and did work I am most proud of. The character I played, Christa Robbins, is hands down my spirit animal. I strive to be like her to this day. PS. Life After First Failure is still available to watch online. Do it. 

What is the hardest part of the industry for you?
There’s always going to be someone younger, prettier, and more successful than you. Not taking rejection personally can be emotionally taxing at times. It’s hills and valleys. Resilience.

One piece of advice for girls looking to break out into the industry?
Go to school. Wait till you’re 18. Have skills in other areas. Acting is living life truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Build yourself up with life and truth. The work will come

If life was a "year book", what would your quote read?

“What's that say about you?” It’s a line from my god sister, Fiona Landers’,  one woman show “Funeral Bouquet”. It’s still running in LA. Go see it and you’ll know what I mean. 

Favorite rock band?

Now? Greta Van Fleet. Then? The Doors

Usual outfit when you’re feeling good? Anything vintage? 

All black everything. Makes doing laundry a breeze. Some of my favorite pieces are actually from you guys! I have a vintage oversized Elvis t-shirt I can’t seem to take off and a Mikey Mouse sweater from the 80s that I now realize I haven’t seen in a while and am going to furiously look for after I finish typing this sentence.

 Image captured By Tony Minas @Tonyminas 

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