Get to know celeb stylist Paulina De la Paz's and be inspired by her extravagant eclectic taste

Get to know celeb stylist Paulina De la Paz's and be inspired by her extravagant eclectic taste

When I came upon stylist, Paulina De la Paz's instagram, it felt like I entered a whole new exciting universe I never knew existed. Her eclectic taste is bold without sacrificing extravagance. It shows you how to present yourself strong but never overpowering. And her style doesn't seem overplayed. It plays with the vintage we love while still complimenting the effortless energy that's essential to looking astonishing in any outfit.  If you're ready to move on from the practical fashion playbook and gain pointers for your own wardrobe, (see her here for more).  Get to know the stylist mogul by checking out our recent Q+A with her below, after checking out our favorite vintage inspired looks from her (It was really hard choosing). Play in the same field, or take a little inspiration for the next time you're in your closet.  


Look #1. Paulina in a white suit dress with cape. She paired it with a "bird cage" veil that would play so unique at a formal event. You can also play this part without the headpiece. Think semi formal lunch or dinner (After this quarantine is over of course). Click to see the whole look here.


Look #2. Paulina adds vintage rock n'roll flare to this outfit by including a chunky belt and 80's-esque drop earrings that compliment. Vintage staples like these elevate modern day pieces. Click to see the whole look here.



Look #3. Paulina dressed both celeb clients Sofia Reyes and Nicole Zignago for the grammy nominees in suits that were paired with non traditional pieces . Paulina paired Reyes (on left) in a western hat to sport along with her neon green pant and jacket suit. (Giving it a cowgirl glam look). You could also do this in your own closet: Pair an oversized suit jacket with a chunky belt as shown on Zignago (right) to close and pull an entire look together. Click to see the whole look here. 


What’s your background? How has that influenced your career?

Im 100% Mexican. Growing up in a country where there is machismo all over the place I had to become a woman who breaks cultural boundaries and doesn’t need to please a man or  any society rules. That’s defines most of my work I just like to play around building my own human sculptures.


Can you share some favorite publications that you styled for? 

It’s very hard to choose but one of my favorite will always be the one I shoot with Casie Wendel for Stick and Stones. We where around 10 creative girls collaborating in styling and modeling at a 70’s vintage space. It was a dream come true.


What's your strong “suit” literally? (What color, style, etc.. ) 

 I think high fashion cowboy for now. But my soul screams 1980’s Yves Saint Laurent. 



Advice to other girls trying to “own it”? 

Just be you. Always stay true to yourself. It’s hard to not listen to opinions and believe me there is a more on this industry, but if you trust yourself and your art you can’t never go wrong. 


Next dream girl or guy you would like to style?

 I always get asked this question and it’s so hard there are so many interesting people out there. I’ve always been a fan of Lady Di I would have loved to style her. 



What’s your favorite element about what you do? 

 That I get to meet so many interesting minds. Everyone’s world is so different and I find very attractive when we all blend our minds together to create a concept. Also being on set it’s one of the most fulfilling things in my life.



What's your style inspiration? Does that change daily? 

It does change daily but I think I can say my base is extravagant eclectic taste.


When did you know you needed to put your touch to the styling world?


I always knew I loved fashion. I think I yelled Chanel instead of crying when I was born. But I had no idea what I wanted to do until my friend Alain told me there was something called Styling and that I could do it. I used to be more focused on creative direction and marketing. But when I found styling I realized that was it.


What do you have in the works for 2020? 

Whatever 2020 brings on! I’m ready for it.



 Featured image by Stephanie Munguía 

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