Clarice Cormier: Get To Know The Recently Signed Model From Tucson With A Grown Following

Clarice Cormier: Get To Know The Recently Signed Model From Tucson With A Grown Following
 Tell us a little about yourself? Where are your from and what are you currently doing?  
Well I live in Tucson, Arizona and currently I'm focusing on blogging and saving money to move to Los Angeles! 
What Inspired your IG account? How did you come up with name 'Uh Clarice'?
I made my Instagram when I was about 14 just because it was the hot new social media - and my username "uhclarice" comes from me hearing "Uh...Clarice?" a lot.  I thought it was short and sweet and wrapped up a common reaction I get. 
When did you start modeling?
I started modeling when I was 16 years old - I had just gotten my braces off and got signed pretty quickly. 
Tell us about your latest project?
Desert Peaches is a collective of rad Tucson girls, we work to connect local events and businesses, while also blogging about music, fashion, and more.  You can check out what we're up to at or @desert.peaches on instagram
Do you have any future projects you're excited about?
You'll have to stay tuned to find out, but I'm very excited.
What's your style advice for the girls out there?
If you feel good in it when you look in the mirror - don't bother asking anyone for a second opinion. 
What do you love about vintage? 
Vintage is just more expressive, even the simplest vintage pieces have a little something more in them. When I wear something vintage, I'm carrying a story and giving it a second life. 
Tell us about your latest vintage purchase?
I've been really into oversized vintage tee's, and I just scored a rad "The Mountain" T shirt with a wicked graphic print of the Grim Reaper with some punk dogs - it sounds ridiculous, and believe me it is. 
If you could pick one past decade to live in, which would it be?
It would have to be the 70's - for the music, the rebellion, and of
course - the fashion.  Every ass looks better in bell bottoms. 
Latest favorite girl band on repeat? 
Sleigh Bells will always be what I have on repeat.  Plus my boyfriend just got me some vinyls of theirs for my birthday - so I listen to them daily. 
Take us to your closet- What are some of your favorite vintage pieces in your closet?
If you look at my closet you'll see an overwhelming amount of black vintage or graphic tees, rows and rows of boots (mostly Jeffrey Campbell), along with some trusted thrifted denims.  
Describe your style in 3 words -
Androgynous, alternative, and expressive 
What's your latest inspirations?
I've been really inspired by Milan Fashion Week - it's a lot of black, leather, silver detailing, and tasteful prints. 

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